Petty Officer and Staff Sergeant Faruk A. Jessa

SSgt. Faruk A. Jessa USAF

Faruk A. Jessa was a member of the United States Navy from October 29, 1996 to September 19, 2000. He was found to be a trustworthy, determined, driven and worthwhile contributor to his community and to his country.

Petty Officer Faruk A. Jessa, of Shia Ismaili Muslim Community proudly served in the US Navy in the time of need with honor, courage and commitment. He was decorated with two Sea Service Deployment Ribbons, two Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medals, two Armed Forces Expeditionary Medals, a Good Conduct Medal and later went on to join the Air Force after his three year, three months and twenty one days of US Naval Service.

On 22 August 1999, Faruk A. Jessa, who is of East Indian origin but born in East Africa Tanzania to Aminmohammed and Parviz Jessa was recognized as an extraordinary Third Class Petty Officer by the Operations Officer, Lieutenant Commander Select, United States Navy, Karl D. Deans of the USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG-54) operating out of the Western Pacific Ocean, Japan.

Lieutenant Commander Select Deans wrote in a letter, “Faruk Aminmohammed Jessa, has distinguished himself as an extraordinary Storekeeper Third Class Petty Officer on board the Aegis Destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur DDG 54 while forward deployed to the Yokosuka Japan area of operations. He is fluent in eight different languages. His language abilities coupled with his quick wit and sharp intellect has made him indispensable in some of the operations that the ship has been involved with when working with foreign nationals.”

Lieutenant Commander Select Karl Deans Wrote: “In my capacity as the Operations Officer, a Department Head Billet, I have had to call upon his language and storekeeper skills for such things as: Directly assisting in the liaison and coordination of services required during a Joint Exercise that was conducted with the United States and Saudi Arabian Naval Forces.

Translating in Japanese in order to warn and evacuate Japanese fishermen in small boats away from the danger zone, prior to gunnery exercises near Okinawa Japan. Translating in various Arabic languages when we were deployed to the Arabian Gulf in support of United Nations Maritime Operations against Iraq. His translations were necessary for the procurement of supplies from Arab distributors and for the obtainment of information from merchant vessels transiting the area.”

On September 07, 2004, United States Air Force Staff Sergeant and former United States Navy Petty Officer, Faruk received recognition by Senator Kent Conrad, North Dakota, for the volunteer service for spearheading and building a segment of the Historic Lewis and Clark Legacy Trail at Lake Sakakawea State Park in North Dokota. The Legacy trail as stated by Senator Kent Conrad envisions a system of nature trails within the Missouri River corridor from South Dakota to the Montana border. The Lewis and Clark Expedition was essentially a scientific mission. Sgt Jessa has continued that legacy as a modern day member of the US Military in the expansion of the Lewis and Clark Legacy trail.

Currently, Faruk Jessa is retired and currently lives in Cebu, Philippines:

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

6 thoughts

  1. Thanks to Faruk I am finally an Ismaili. He introduced me to the Ismaili faith here in the Philippines and on August 29, 2008 I did Bayat in Malaysia and officially became an Ismaili. Thank you and Ya Ali Madaad.


  2. Though every job is honorable no matter of its class, your performance and achievements are upstanding. May MHI shower you with his blessings. Amin.

    Shakiba Nasiry


  3. I knew Faruk Jessa during his time in Tokyo and have to say he was a formidable guy. He spoke multiple languages and was not afraid to make things happen. His experience and business acumen stemmed from his everyday connections and contacts which he took great pride in establishing in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. I think a part of his success and extensive global network today is because he took the time to build those relations and kept them close to him as he progressed. I met Faruk at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo during the Team Canada Summit reception held for Prime Minister Jean Chretien where he was involved with the political science section under Consul Donald Bobiash who today is the Ambassador of Canada to Indonesia.


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